Chelsea Chic: Holiday Flair – Fashion Tips for the Season

In the times where social media and the Kardashians keep us constantly updated in the world of fashion, it’s important to stay trendy and true to yourself.

Neutral colors such as; olives, heather grays, dusty pinks, blacks and of course nude are still all the rage.

It’s necessary to have your own genuine style and be confident with whatever you choose to wear. It is also important to not shy away from any stores. Just because Kylie Jenner is wearing $5,000 dresses and $2,200 jackets, it does not mean you should feel any shame in going to your local Forever 21 to get the latest looks.

The weather has been strange lately, we still don’t have snow, so it can be difficult to decide what to wear this holiday season. With the current moderate temperatures, I would recommend the main piece of any holiday outfit be a statement jacket. It can be a cape layered over any top, a faux shearling vest matched with a long sleeve shirt, or the ever popular long tan coat. Long tan coats always have the ability to make any outfit look fashionable.

Solid color two piece sets, whether they are pencil skirts or leggings, are in style as well. They are affordable, comfortable and a quick selection that you don’t have to second guess.

If the sets are not your style, then all black denim jeans with the cuts on the knee are the perfect go to pair of pants.

Personally, I don’t like to see big clunky boots on girls if there is no snow outside. We should take advantage of the luxury of having fall in December. Let’s keep the riding boots, Timberlands and ballerina flats until Mother Nature says winter has come.

Suede boots, however, are totally trendy and definitely a good pick for this time of year. It’s perfect because you don’t have to worry about snow or slush messing them up.

As for men’s style, I believe that men have it easy when it comes to picking out their fashion choice.

“When I pick out my outfits for school I really try to push the limits. I’m not into the sporty look most guys do. I like wearing clean cut fitted everything,” said freshman Rashad Robinson.
Robinson’s latest look features him in a throw back 80’s varsity jacket, fitted jeans and a neutral gray t-shirt.

Sophomore Christian Colon goes for more of the layered look.

“My style is all about comfort, a cuffed plaid shirt and a plain tee are good for me,” said Colon.

Colon showcases his color blocking by wearing a holiday green shirt paired with army green tee. His jeans are loose with one cut in the knee. His shoe selections are not your average Jordans, he feels more comfortable in suede western boots.

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