Letter to the Editor: Passing the Baton

To the Editors-in-Chief of The Viking News,

One thing I have missed since graduating WCC this past spring is picking up a biweekly copy of The Viking News. Luckily for me, and plenty of other alumni, there’s your website, vikingnews.net.

I have to say, despite a seemingly major editorial change, the quality of the paper has not declined. I am very impressed with the content, substance, and extent of coverage that The Viking News has brought forward. I am also proud to call myself an alumnus of this paper, and glad to see it continuing to thrive.

To each editor, writer, designer, and advisor (he knows who he is), I offer congratulations on what is, so far, a job very well done.

I look forward to continuing to see great things from this staff, and this publication.


Matthew Beitscher
ex EIC, The Viking News
WCC Class of 2015

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