Craving Wings? A Restaurant Review

(Drawing: Amanda Gordon)

(Drawing: Amanda Gordon)

If you are looking for a quick, delicious place to eat, Planet Wings is the place to go, especially for Westchester Community College students during the school day.

The restaurant is located down the road from WCC on 74 Virginia Rd, White Plains.

The food ranges from tacos to regular and boneless wings.

Planet Wings is open on weekdays from 10:30 AM to 10:30 PM and on weekends from 10:30 AM to 11:30 PM.

The restaurant has five tables to sit and eat at. There are three, four person tables and two, two person tables. The dining area was decorated for Halloween. Most customers place their food for take out. However, they deliver as well.

“I eat from here a lot, it is better to call before and pick the food up instead of placing an order for delivery” said Westchester Community College student Sebastian Salgado.

The delivery drivers do not take deliveries to WCC due to security restrictions.

The steak is one of the favorite dishes. It is cooked perfectly and the teriyaki sauce that it is cooked in added a special taste to it. A nice lite food to eat is a chicken taco. The chicken is mixed into the specialty spice that their very own chef Antonio Galoti makes.

There are 24 flavorful wing sauces to choose from.

“Out of our 24 flavors the top three flavors that are eaten are teriyaki, leapin lizard, and mild.” Said Hector Vasquez, Key holder and shift leader of Planet Wings.

“Excellent wings and cheesesteaks. Very friendly service, and a clean environment! There usually is a 5–15-minute wait time, but it’s worth it because the food is so fresh.” Says a yelp review from Jeff T.

The food can take up to 15 minutes to cook because the food is cooked fresh from the back
“We make all the wings and sandwiches fresh and when ordered” said Galioti (Planet Wings Chef of 4 years).

He also said there is a sense of pride in keeping the restaurant clean for the customers. The bathroom that they have to the right of the door was very spacious and clean, the mirror and the toilet were in good condition and they do not use the cheap public bathroom toilet paper.

Another nice addition to the store is the ATM, the store takes any type of card as well.
Overall, a good place to eat and not too pricey for a college student budget.

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