Why textbooks should cost so much?

By Mileena Santiago

One of the most frustrating things about college is without a doubt the cost of textbooks! They range from 50 to even 300 dollars! Sometimes it depends on if they are used, or not used. Sometimes you can rent them. Or if you’re really cheap, you can always pull an all nighter at the library; but then again, you might risk the chance of never getting that assignment done in time. Either way, we all know the struggle of finding the right textbook. But the real question is why are they so expensive!?

College professors rarely ever stay in one place. They work at different colleges, and some of them, if not most, actually get around to publishing their own books; so it’s no wonder why they are always sending their students to buy them. Maybe they’re just trying to earn a couple bucks (or in the student’s case, A LOT of bucks), but is there any solid reason as to why they should cost so much!? After all, they’re just books that we’re going to eventually toss away or sell to some other poor unfortunate soul after we graduate. No one actually keeps them for fun or anything, they just sit in the corner collecting dust until someone else needs it. Practically all college classes have assignments out the book now. The lesson is in the book, the vocabulary is in the book, the work is all in the book! It’s as if the new age of teaching, isn’t actually teaching at all. So if everything we need to know is in the book, what’s the purpose in even coming to class? Student’s pay their whole life’s fortune to go to college, just so that they can end up in a heap of debt. And most people end up spending the whole rest of their adult life paying back that debt. Asking students to purchase textbooks is only adding financial problems on to students who are struggling to pay for the class itself. Not everyone has that kind of money, and not everyone has a good paying job. There really isn’t a need for the textbooks to cost so much!

In the mean time, have no fear! There are some places you can get a discount on the books you need for school. Websites such as www.cheapesttextbooks.com allows you to search any and every book/ textbook you, or even your child needs for school. Just enter the book’s title or author, or even the search for the genre and a list of different textbooks will show up. Choose the one you want and find your ideal price. Simple and affordable! Other websites you can use are www.neebo.com which is a website you can use by typing in your school, then entering the title of the text book and it gives you direct access to the book you need for your class. Any other affordable prices for textbook you can simply look up thanks to the wonderful search engine we all know as GOOGLE. Happy hunting!